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Sadly real life has often gotten in the way of maintaining my websites. The following list is a list of the websites that I currently have open but are on hiatus. These sites will be updated or revamped in the near future.


About: My very first domain and website. This site is devoted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's spin-off, Angel. It is a general fansite and is currently closed due to the fact that it needs a major overhaul and server problems as this site is currently hosted on a private server. My goal is to have it up and running by the end of 2010 in some form.
Opened: July 2003
Status: Offline

Angel & Buffy Fanfiction

About: This is the sister site to Angel-Buffy.com and as such it hosts fanfiction for the fandom. I personally hand coded the site and archived fic that was submitted via my Yahoo group for the site. It is down for the same reasons as the main site. I've yet to decide if I want to just put it back up with the fic that was already on it or if I want to go through and personally archive all of the fic that has been submitted via the Yahoo group since the site went on hiatus.
Opened: February 2004
Status: Offline

Rainbow Waterfalls, Sunny Liquid Dreams

About: I adopted Ragna's fanlisting from her in August of 2005, however real-life committments caused me to be behind in updating it. I have plans of re-opening the site as a mini-appreciation site to Ragna for her fandom contributions.
Opened: August 2005
Status: Online, last updated February 2007




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